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Cooperstown Wedding Photography http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2018/3/cooperstown-wedding-photography Cooperstown is not just the site of the MLB Hall of Fame but also a wonderful place to have a wedding. We have been lucky enough to be a part of numerous weddings all over Cooperstown. 


Otesaga Resort Hotel Wedding 

Glimmerglass State Park Wedding - Hyde Hall Wedding

Otesaga Resort Hotel Wedding 

Otesaga Resort Hotel Wedding 

Otesaga Resort Hotel Wedding 

Glimmerglass State Park Wedding - Hyde Hall Wedding

Otesaga Resort Hotel Wedding 

Otsego Lake Wedding

Otesaga Resort Hotel Wedding 

Otesaga Resort Hotel Wedding 

Otesaga Resort Hotel Wedding 

The Cooper Inn Wedding

Leatherstocking Golf Course Wedding

The Farmers' Museum Wedding

Glimmerglass State Park Wedding - Hyde Hall Wedding


Cooperstown is also a great place for engagement shoots as well!

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Print your pictures! http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2018/2/print-your-pictures I have no data to back this up, but I do believe that we take more pictures now then ever in our history. I think most of us are guilty of only having our photos on our phones, cameras, Facebook, and Instagram. There is something special about having a physical print in your hand, or walking through your home and taking a moment to remember a person or event by glancing at a photograph. 

6" x 9" Matted and framed prints for 54.00 each by mpix.com.

There are now tons of great places to get your photos printed on all sorts of media. We mainly use only a couple sites because they have been really reliable and the print quality has been great.

Accordion print by mix.com for 20.00.

24" x 36" Canvas Gallery Wraps for 127.50 each by mpix.com. (Price was during a promotion.)
Calendar was printed by mpix.com for 20.00

Baby announcements printed by tinyprints.com  for around 2.00 each Seventy-two page books were printed by photobookpress.com for 215.00 each.

Many of these purchases are a bit on the steep side, but when I look at it, I want something that will last for at least my lifetime and maybe my kids' lifetime too. In the future, I can see my children sitting down and leafing through one of these books I made or maybe will have one of these pictures hanging in their house.

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What camera should I buy? http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2018/1/what-camera-should-i-buy What camera should I buy?

This is probably the most frequently asked question to us as photographers, and it has two answers, according to us at Korver Photography.

The simple and best answer is… your phone. Some of my favorite pictures are ones taken with my phone because it is usually with me at all times and is super simple to use. As with any tool, the way you use it will determine the quality of the final product. If your picture taking needs work, a more expensive camera is going to do little to fix that problem. I would recommend perfecting your cellphone photography before you move onto a better system. The shortcomings I have found with cellphone photography are sports, low light situations and overall fit and finish. 

(Picture of my wife and daughter taken with an iPhone6)

My next suggestion for a camera that steps up your game would be a basic DSLR body and a 50mm 1.4 or equivalent lens. This setup will allow you to shoot in low light, without a flash, and blur your background. I wouldn’t get a camera with a kit lens. Kit lenses are generally terrible and not worth owning. 

(Picture taken of my daughter with a 50mm lens)

If you are into photographing sports, the next lens to get would be an 85mm 1.8 or equivalent. This lens will work well for indoor events, and while it won’t be amazing for outdoor sports, it will get the job done.

(Picture taken with 85mm lens. Note the image is not blurry and no flash was used)

As your camera bag fills up with lenses, you can start to look for another camera body that better fits your needs.  You shouldn’t worry about your lenses becoming outdated because I have a lens that is well over 10 years old and still works great!


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Kid Pictures! http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2018/1/kid-pictures Tips for taking pictures of kids.

When I take pictures of kids, I try to shoot the majority of them at the child’s eye level. Occasionally a top down shot works, but I really like the latter. I also purposely used an iPhone for these images to show that the camera almost all of us share can be used to take some nice images. 

Get in close. Kids have awesome facial expressions, full smiles, and look great filling the camera frame. They are not self conscious so placing the camera within feet of them is easy and no big deal.

Spray and pray shooting is where you take a bunch of pictures in a row hoping that one of them turns out to be good. I don’t normally use the technique when taking general pictures, but with kids playing I do, because they are constantly moving and making all kinds of faces. To get the four images used below, I shot around 30 shots.

I’m lucky when it comes to photographing my son smiling because the guy can’t stop grinning! For kids that don’t want to look at the camera I have tried finger puppets and stuffed animals, but a smily person playing peekaboo directly behind you is best.

Critiquing the images below, I personally do not like the ones on the left because they don’t give a sense of location and they feel like I am distant from my son. The right two images give more context and a feeling that we are on his level. My favorite image is the bottom right because it is up close, level with my child, and he is framed nicely in the door frame. 

That’s all! I hope you enjoyed this mini photo lesson!

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2017 Korver Photography Test Shots http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/12/2017-korver-photography-test-shots I am not sure what it says about Korver Photography when the year end blog post often gets more views than many of the actual weddings we take! For those  new to this type of post, the old reason we used to explain these images is that we were testing different lighting situations but, it is getting harder and harder to use that as a reason. Now we sometimes purposely take an image that we know will end up in this post or because we see one of us in a funny situation that we just have to document.

Which would you rather see during your edit session? Serious shots like the two below, or all the goofy faces. You can see what we prefer!

Canon overalls.

It might look like someone is sleeping on the job, but in reality there is a nice reflection shot off this piano! Resulting photo attached.

Photography is more than just taking pictures, it is about connecting with people, having fun, and working together to capture the best pictures possible.

Sometimes it is a lot easier for us to get into the tick infested field instead of our clients. Only two ticks this year!

We try our best to not look like creepers, but sometimes you just can't help it because the best angle for a particular shot makes you look like a weirdo.

I feel I have to explain myself here... both of these two were former students of mine and are great friends of Kaitlin so we felt the photobomb was warranted.

Taking a night shot has become an integral part of what we provide for our clients.  One of our goals at every wedding is to create a "giant wall hanger photo." We want to take pictures that will look amazing on our clients' walls blown up to a jaw dropping size. To reduce the time the couple has to step outside and away from their reception, we always setup the lighting beforehand.

This year was the first time we added someone new to the Korver Photography team, Matt Wilson. Wilson killed it and it is nice to know we have another person to help us out when we need it!

We love shooting from all different angles!

One of us LOVES to dance during the reception and one of us likes to dance. You guess which is which...

Last year we seem to always use the karate chop cake photo lighting setup so here are two classic chops and two new poses! I call them the "Let's Dig In." and "The Sweet Tooth."

When there is a photo booth, you know we can't resist. Although looking back at it, we probably should have. Yikes! I need to stop putting on all the wigs and Kaitlin needs to stop thinking she is in a karate tournament against the Cobra Kai dojo.

Sometimes ideas look good on paper only to get out of hand in real life. For the final part of this blog post we were asked if we wanted to use smoke flares to make some interesting photos. We are always up for anything! As we looked at the flares it also contained a firework that would shoot sparks. We set them up at the end of a dock and as you will see in the video clip, it got a little bit out of hand and you can see Kaitlin fly past our couple. Thanks to Megan Haggerty for the video clip. I also attached the final image we got despite the early exit from this shot!

Thanks to everyone that let us work with them in the year 2017 and we can't wait to see what 2018 brings!

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Mountain View Manor http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/11/mountain-view-manor Andrea and Roman have a deep connection to their Ukrainian roots and wanted to incorporate that into their wedding. All of the groomsmen wore costumes from the various regions of Ukraine, the ceremony was spoken in Ukrainian, and of course the dancing was amazing! Many couples are pretty tired on their wedding day because of partying the previous night, and Andrea and Roman were no exception to this rule.  Well, they had a slight exception, their little boy was a little sick and they got just a couple hours of sleep, which can feel just like a hangover! Even though their son was feeling under the weather, he was able to sleep off his temperature, show up after the ceremony and then dance the rest of the night away with his newly married parents! Congratulations Andrea and Roman and enjoy the pictures!

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The Barn at Hogs Hollow Farm http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/11/the-barn-at-hogs-hollow-farm Christin and Jason got married on a quintessential upstate, fall day. During the couples shots, it was clear how much they cared for one another and the true love between them showed through.  Christin and Jason also shared memories with their family and friends during their beautiful reception, that was carefully executed with thoughtful details.  Hogs Hollow Farm in Burlington Flats is a neat little gem and had numerous places to get some nice intimate images. Enjoy the pictures!


korver@me.com (Korver Photography LLC) barn korver photography outdoor wedding http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/11/the-barn-at-hogs-hollow-farm Mon, 06 Nov 2017 00:47:12 GMT
Celebrations http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/10/celebrations There are only so many things you can control at a wedding. The weather and what people say during speeches are not those things within control. The sunset we witnessed was out of this world and only lasted for about 15 minutes. You cannot plan for such perfect light, only hope for it, and then press the shutter as many times as you can! As for speeches, everyone that spoke stirred up memories of Jacquelyn and Johnny that left very few dry eyes in the crowd. With two of the unknowns being totally amazing, the rest of the day ran without a hitch. We hope you love the pictures as much as we loved taking them!

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Upstate Barn Wedding http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/9/upstate-barn-wedding If you plan a wedding that starts out with goat yoga, transitions to a beautiful ceremony officiated by a very funny, two time Tony Award winner, Norbert Leo Butz, and ends with Ingrid Michaelson singing with a 10 piece band, I'd say you have the makings for a pretty memorable day! Lori and Evan have been together for over a decade and put together a day that was well worth the wait! Going into this wedding, we knew we were going to get a chance to make a one-of-a-kind picture because the forecast said there would be zero chance for clouds.  A clear sky during the day makes for harsh lighting, but a clear sky at night makes it possible to capture the Milky Way, a LOVE sign, and our amazing couple. Enjoy!

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Fireworks Wedding http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/9/fireworks-wedding Every time we shoot at the Otesaga, we are either battling the rain or there isn't a cloud in the sky. This was the first time we had soft clouds to add to the already beautiful backdrop of Otsego Lake. Everything weather wise fell into place and we got some killer portraits!

Leading up to the wedding, Kat and Eric expressed interest in using a smoke bomb! When the moment was right, we snuck outside and stealthily positioned everything for our picture. Kaitlin quietly lit the smoke bomb and we grabbed a couple shots. Once we used all the smoke bombs, there were "glitter" bombs in the bag as well. On further inspection, we realized it was basically an enormous sparkler. So we went down to the lake shore away from the hotel and set up our second shot. With the two sparklers lit, my trusty assistant Kaitlin snuck behind Eric and Kat to add light to them. They got a little too big for my daring assistant and she ran past our couple screaming for her life. I can say I have never laughed that hard taking a night shot. All I could think of was the scene from Seinfeld where George Costanza ran from the fire. Eric and Kat were awesome and we hope you all love the pictures we took!

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Ventosa Vineyards Wedding http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/9/ventosa-vineyards-wedding Most people know my first name to be Erik, and then a select number of people know I go by the alias Kevin. Several years back I was shooting a wedding and there was a guest, Bridget, that kept referring to me as Kevin. (I tried correcting her, but she just kept calling me Kevin.) Fast forward three years later and Kevin is back taking pictures at Bridget's wedding!

Bridget and Frank got married at St Patricks Church in the Finger Lakes surrounded by family and friends. Since Frank is first generation, most of his family lives in Italy, but that did not deter them from flying across the Atlantic to celebrate this special day. Ventosa Vineyards was the perfect place to bring families together, eat delicious food, drink, and dance the night away. Enjoy!

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Finger Lakes Wedding http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/8/finger-lakes-wedding Hailey and David's wedding took place overlooking Keuka Lake at the Lakeside Country Club. This is where my sister went to college and became friends with Hailey. The weather leading up to this wedding looked like we might be in for some rain, but all we got was some wind that was strong enough to blow over the arbor before the ceremony. After the scenic exchanging of vows, we grabbed a couple formal pictures and then spent the rest of the night partying. The reception had a killer dance floor, great conversations on the wrap-around deck, and food/drink stations to fill your belly. With the summer wedding season coming to a close, this was the perfect conclusion to a great summer.  Enjoy! 

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Catskill Wedding http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/8/catskill-wedding When Melanie and Gerard contacted me about photographing their wedding, I knew immediately I wanted to do it, despite the fact that I was planning on taking that weekend off from having to shoot a wedding.  We photographed Melanie's sister's wedding previously, and knew this would be a great event.  As it will be apparent from the photos, this family and their friends can dance!  Their Ukrainian dance moves led to many pairs of ripped pants - you know it's a good party when people are splitting their pants!  Melanie and Gerard put together a beautiful day.  One thing that stood out to us was how happy everyone at this wedding was, there were so many brilliant smiles.  It's clear how much love is in their lives.   We hope you enjoy these photos!


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Cooperstown Wedding http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/7/cooperstown-wedding Strong relationships are homemade, require effort and are totally worth the time and energy spent. Emily and Douglas' wedding displayed their strong relationship and also their ability to throw a party. The beer was provided by Emily's father who owns Council Rock Brewery, the wine was made by Emily, Douglas, and her dad, and the handcrafted soap parting gift was made by them as well. 

The ceremony and reception took place at the Farmer's Museum, which always provides a great backdrop for a party. The maid of honor's speech was hilarious and perfectly tied in Emily's love of cheese. Not to be outdone, one of Douglas' groomsman sang a funny blues song about the couple. The dance floor filled, lots of homemade drinks were downed, and everyone had a great time. Enjoy the images!

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Weather Wizardry http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/7/weather-wizardry How do you plan your wedding such that ceremony lands between two downpours of rain and a tornado? Just ask Brenda and Nate! The rain had stopped for the exact duration of the ceremony and Brenda's brother/officiant, masterfully fit it in that timeframe.

We are constantly telling clients that wet weather makes for great pictures and once again this held true. The Great, Smart, Visionary, man who goes by the name Mike Mecredy (I think those were the words he wanted me to use), brought to my attention that the field out back was filling up with fog and would make a great picture. The picture came out great and looks like it belongs in a fairytale.

Brenda and Nate closed out the night with some crazy dancing, lots of laughs and a sparkler sendoff. Enjoy the images!

korver@me.com (Korver Photography LLC) Barn Hayloft on the Arch Wedding Hayloft on the Arch Wedding Photography Korver Photography Rain Wedding http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/7/weather-wizardry Tue, 04 Jul 2017 15:25:15 GMT
Lindsay and Marc http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/7/lindsay-and-marc We are always flattered when people say they booked their wedding around our availability, like Lindsay and Marc did. It is very humbling to know that people trust us with their pictures on such a special day. Lindsay and Marc filled the Syracuse Marriott with their closest family and friends to witness this perfect match. They have such loving and supportive families, and it was obvious how happy everyone was to celebrate their special day.  The ceremony and reception was filled with so many thoughtful details, including remembering special family members who could not be present.  Please enjoy these images of Lindsay and Marc's beautiful day!

korver@me.com (Korver Photography LLC) Korver Photography Norwich Norwich Wedding Onondaga Park Wedding Rain Syracuse Syracuse Marriott Wedding http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/7/lindsay-and-marc Tue, 04 Jul 2017 15:24:40 GMT
Oneonta Carriage House Wedding http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/6/oneonta-carriage-house-wedding When two people match together perfectly and balance each other's strengths and weaknesses, their chemistry is easy for all to see. All the elements of Sheldon and Stephanie's wedding were well thought of and had a personal touch. We especially liked all the ways they incorporated the engagement photographs that we took for them! As the sun began to drop in the sky, we stole our newlyweds for a mini photoshoot and as luck would have it, we got some great silhouetted images against a colorful sky and even a quick rain picture. We loved shooting this wedding and hope you enjoy the images.


korver@me.com (Korver Photography LLC) Korver Photography Oneonta Oneonta Wedding Outdoor Sunset The Carriage House Wedding http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/6/oneonta-carriage-house-wedding Thu, 29 Jun 2017 02:18:34 GMT
Hyde Hall Wedding http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/6/hyde-hall-wedding We loved everything about this wedding, from the weather, to the various wedding locations, to the guests, to of course, our wedding couple. We have known Ashley and Shane for sometime because over the last three years they have been guests at weddings we have photographed. Speaking of the past, around 15 years ago I was actually at Shane's sister's wedding as a guest! I would never have realized this until his sister said she remembered me. Small world! 

The reception occurred at Hyde Hall in Cooperstown, which is a photographer's paradise. We were granted access to the mansion so we might have gone a little overboard with the posed shots. As day turned into night, the libations flowed, the band rocked out, and everyone hit the dance floor. We captured it all with our cameras for you to enjoy!

korver@me.com (Korver Photography LLC) Cooperstown Wedding Cooperstown Wedding Photographer Farmers Museum Wedding Hyde Hall Wedding Korver Photography Lake Outdoor Wedding http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/6/hyde-hall-wedding Tue, 20 Jun 2017 23:18:21 GMT
Lake Life Wedding http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/6/lake-life-wedding Caitlin and Jeff are no strangers to Korver Photography. We photographed them at two previous weddings and finally it was their day! The scenery was beautiful at their lake venue. This wedding was filled with so much love and support from friends and family, and many adorable children.  Caitlin and Jeff were so easy going on their special day, and seemed to really take in and appreciate everything and everyone that came together to celebrate them. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed capturing them!

korver@me.com (Korver Photography LLC) Cicero Wedding Korver Photography Lake Outdoor Syracuse Wedding Wedding http://www.korverphotography.com/blog/2017/6/lake-life-wedding Mon, 19 Jun 2017 01:53:34 GMT