Behind the Scenes 2015

January 26, 2016  •  2 Comments

We believe having fun while we work leads to better pictures. This blog post gives you a peek behind the camera to see how we capture weddings. Enjoy!

This image was one of many at a friend's wedding. We saw rain in the forecast and knew we were going to create a special image that night. As we do at most weddings, we test a shot before we bringing the couple out.  Sometimes people join us and end up in the test shots! For this shot we upped the quality and creativity of our night shot by incorporating a canoe, bathing suits, and umbrellas. What you cannot see in this image below is Kaitlin positioning the canoe while treading water and holding a flash. It was a lot of work getting this in a rainstorm, but what we ended up with is one of our most popular images ever taken. To get some of the special shots we take, we need to be willing to climb trees, shimmy up roofs, and hang out of car windows. The next set of images shows us taking the picture and the resulting image from that position.


Kaitlin and I are not just photographers, but also school teachers. We think the kids sense this and are often drawn to us while we are taking pictures. 

Sometimes people give us funny things and we of course use them to fit right in. 

Many people want to take our picture, but sometimes when they try, the results are blurry. 

I have been bit by a tick two years running now. Gross! I wonder why this happens? 

When we work, we try to be part of the crowd and not the center of attention. Sometimes it is like a Where's Waldo trying to find one another.

When the wedding moves to the reception, we quickly setup our flashes and take one or two test shots. We try to do something original each time.

  ​ Kaitlin always finds a mirror during the day to add a picture for me to find while I am editing.

Finding a spot for group shots and organizing people can be challenging, but with Kaitlin directing the way, it has become very easy.

Photography is a relationship business first and connections with people are constantly being made throughout the day. We love working with brides, grooms, families, friends, D.Js, event staff and each other. We were fortunate enough this year to be a part of many weddings that contained new and old friends and without a doubt, we will see some of them at our 2016 weddings.

When we see a photo booth at a wedding, we wait for the perfect time and jump in for a few candids!

As the night ends, and the bride and groom have a bit more time to work with us, we usually grab them for an intimate shot. Once again, Kaitlin becomes the model and has more glamor shots than anybody I know.  

That's it! I hope you enjoyed your backstage pass into the Korver Photography brother and sister team!


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Omg....u two r absolutely the best.....Kaitlyn u are just absolutely beautiful...u r a little Barb...and Erik..u r so handsome and a young Renee..and u do an awesome job!,,,!!!!!!!!! Love love love ur work
Great job! Enjoyed viewing the pictures.
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