Hello! We are Erik and Kaitlin, the sibling photography team! We have been the face of Korver Photography for over 15 years and so far have taken close to half a million photos in that time. We both give our dad credit for sparking our interest in photography, which started with a darkroom that doubled as our laundry room. Our business started out as a hobby, but now we shoot around 20 weddings a year, countless portrait sessions and various commercial works. 

Erik is a proud father of two and has a wonderful wife Amy. When he is not taking photos, you can find him teaching, spending time with his family, or watching sports. His current hobbies are fixing up his house, cars, and gardens. Kaitlin did convince him to buy a mountain bike so we will see how that turns out.

Kaitlin is the energy of Korver Photography. She is always moving, smiling, and never seems to tire. She currently teaches, plays lots of volleyball, mountain bikes, and travels all around to see her seven nieces and nephews. Kaitlin usually does the family photos because she has incredible patience and can make almost any kid smile!

When Erik and Kaitlin get together for a photo session, you can count on professionalism, fun, and experience. We love what we do and that shows in our work. Please look through our site, and when you have questions, please contact us!

Erik and Kaitlin KorverThe brother sister team!