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Rainy June Wedding

June 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A wedding, weather, and wine are how we will always remember Adrienne and Joe. We shot engagement photos and after working with them we knew their wedding day was going to be fun and full of photographic opportunities. This has been the rainiest start to a wedding season we have ever seen and normally the weather gives us at least an hour break for photos, but not on this day. It basically rained for the entire 13 hours we spent taking pictures! (We secretly like wet days because the light is nicer, and you get extra reflections off the ground.) As for the wine, Joe's parents and pretty much everyone at the wedding shared a love of wine, which every good photographer knows, provides that extra courage to hit the dance floor. Kaitlin and I had little to no space to move around because there were so many people dancing. Thank you for choosing us to take your photographs and be a part of your day. Enjoy the images!




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