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October 03, 2016  •  2 Comments

Kylie and Tim's wedding is exactly what you want out of a fall wedding. The weather was crisp,the sun was warm, and the the colors were vibrant. Everyone at the wedding made Kaitlin and I feel like we were guests and not photographers. After the ceremony, which was at the incredible Sacred Heart Basilica in Syracuse, we made our way to Anyela's Vineyard in Skaneateles. Kylie's father gave a speech filled with laughs, tears, and a couple of Kylie's old toys and clothes. Not to be outdone, a former bride of ours and matron of honor, gave a moving speech and also brought out an old belt of Kylie's adorned with root beer bottle caps! After the speeches, the dance floor opened up and every place we pointed our cameras, there was somebody RIPPING IT UP! As the night came to a close, we pulled the newlyweds away for a couple classic night shots. I hope you enjoy these pictures!



Erica King(non-registered)
You guys have done an amazing job once again!!! Love them!
Jamie McConnell(non-registered)
These are the most amazing, jaw dropping, breathtakingly incredible pictures I have ever seen. Bravo Bravo!!! You captured the day in ways only an artist could! Well done!
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