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Classmate Wedding

July 03, 2016  •  4 Comments

Kaitlin and I have known Jesi and Nate long before they became a couple, so this was like taking pictures of family. (I have always considered Nate's family an extension of my own, and maybe that is why his mom gave me a giant hug while I was trying to take pictures during the ceremony!)  One thing you will notice is the gigantic wedding party! Not many couples can assemble a party this large, but if you grew up in a warm, welcoming, loving household, then you are used to having many people around you.

The moment that I am going to remember forever from this night was a part from John's (Nate's brother) best man speech. He said that Jesi has helped fill the space left by the passing of their father. I find this to be true over and over, we are all connected and these connections keep us together, pick us up when we are down, and are there to celebrate the good times.  Jesi and Nate, I wish you all the best! Enjoy your images!


Jacque Buddenhagen(non-registered)
Congratulations Jesi! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!
Maggie Fitzpatrick(non-registered)
What a glorious day!! The photos are fabulous. There is no mistaking the joy of this day. Lew was there in spirit.
Diane Branagan(non-registered)
Beautiful, you captured all the right moments. Absolutely stunning wedding.
Martha Stowell(non-registered)
absolutely stunning photography! It was a perfect wedding.
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