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Gilbertsville Farmhouse

August 08, 2016  •  2 Comments

As a middle school student some 25 years ago, I can remember Carrie's family sitting in front of us at church.  Little did I know we would end up at the same college, and then years later, I would be photographing her wedding. It was great to see that Carrie has not lost any of her energy or her smile over the years.

Carrie and El picked the Gilbertsville Farmhouse as their venue. From a photographer's perspective, there are few places around that offer so many possibilities. Christmas lights, fields, woods, barns, animals, a pond, and sunsets, just to name a few. 

As the night ended, Kaitlin told Carrie that she was such an enthusiastic and energetic bride, and that made our day so easy. When she wasn't smiling, she was making goofy faces or cracking jokes, and this was how I remembered Carrie from years past.  Congratulations Carrie and El! Enjoy your photographs!



Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Beautiful photography, beautiful wedding!!
The photographs are as beautiful as the bride and groom. I love you Narrows!!
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