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Wild Weather

August 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

There are many things you can control about your wedding day, but the one true wild card is the weather. Sarah and Mike’s wedding day started out in nice air conditioned rooms and then transitioned to an incredibly hot and humid church. All the guests were using their programs as fans in an effort to stay cool. Once the ceremony was over, we made the decision to skip most of the group photos at the church because the “feels like” temperature was well over 100.


At MKJ Farms we cooled down, took the group shots and made our way to the reception. Just as the party was going to start, we were hit with a monsoon that sent wind and water into the venue. The storm was a blessing in disguise because it brought in much cooler air.


With the heat and rain over, we could concentrate on eating and dancing! The food provided by Tuller’s was great and the Beadle Brothers Band put on a crazy full hayloft concert. With the drinks going down and the sweat pouring onto the dance floor, everyone ended the wedding day  tired and with huge smiles.



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