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January 22, 2017  •  2 Comments

The behind the scenes/test shots blog post has become one of our most popular posts and we feel it really gives you a glimpse into our working style and personality.  2016 was the year filled with weddings of friends, so please don't judge us too harshly for a more laid-back goofiness than normal. We shot over 100,000 images, drove over 3,000 NY miles, and ate lots of wedding cake. Enjoy the year in review!

Last year we totaled three ticks, this year... zero, but not for lack of opportunities! When the music is playing, how can you resist a little dance action? You can't! Our camera settings for the dance floor are usually different than the setting for cake cutting so we do a quick light check. I apparently like the karate chop stance.  "Hey Kaitlin, can you walk out into the darkness and model a night shot?" During the course of a wedding, there are many times when either Kaitlin or I have an idea for a photo only to find that we are instead shooting each other. You would think we would know if our flashes were set correctly... maybe we are just making sure... or maybe we like to have an excuse to pose for a funny photo. To get the right outdoor group shots we look for many pieces... light direction, background, framing, etc. Before we bring in the groups, it is always good to test your camera settings.

Kaitlin probably should get a third job as a model because she is constantly having to test out various lighting situations.

Sometimes you run into people that you didn't know were at the wedding.

Other times you know a friend is going to be in the wedding and they keep you company during the day!

Photography is all about the angles... and sometimes you have to flag down a canoe to get that angle. 

While working with a couple for an entire day, you really build connections with them and sometimes you have to celebrate their day with a picture.

Kaitlin does do a ton of lifting and random jobs throughout the day and always has a smile on her face.

Kaitlin is a bit of a sugar junkie and drools over the wedding cakes EVERY TIME! If there are extra at the end of the night, you can guarantee she will be hiding in the corner eating some.

There you have it! Our behind the scenes for 2016! We hope to see you at a wedding in the future!


Gilbertsville Farmhouse(non-registered)
L.O.V.E. this!! You guys are the best!!!
Samantha Crandall(non-registered)
Hahaha! I literally LOLed at "Kaitlin does do a ton of lifting and random jobs throughout the day and always has a smile on her face." and the photo following. You guys are AWESOME!! I
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