2017 Korver Photography Test Shots

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I am not sure what it says about Korver Photography when the year end blog post often gets more views than many of the actual weddings we take! For those  new to this type of post, the old reason we used to explain these images is that we were testing different lighting situations but, it is getting harder and harder to use that as a reason. Now we sometimes purposely take an image that we know will end up in this post or because we see one of us in a funny situation that we just have to document.

Which would you rather see during your edit session? Serious shots like the two below, or all the goofy faces. You can see what we prefer!

Canon overalls.

It might look like someone is sleeping on the job, but in reality there is a nice reflection shot off this piano! Resulting photo attached.

Photography is more than just taking pictures, it is about connecting with people, having fun, and working together to capture the best pictures possible.

Sometimes it is a lot easier for us to get into the tick infested field instead of our clients. Only two ticks this year!

We try our best to not look like creepers, but sometimes you just can't help it because the best angle for a particular shot makes you look like a weirdo.

I feel I have to explain myself here... both of these two were former students of mine and are great friends of Kaitlin so we felt the photobomb was warranted.

Taking a night shot has become an integral part of what we provide for our clients.  One of our goals at every wedding is to create a "giant wall hanger photo." We want to take pictures that will look amazing on our clients' walls blown up to a jaw dropping size. To reduce the time the couple has to step outside and away from their reception, we always setup the lighting beforehand.

This year was the first time we added someone new to the Korver Photography team, Matt Wilson. Wilson killed it and it is nice to know we have another person to help us out when we need it!

We love shooting from all different angles!

One of us LOVES to dance during the reception and one of us likes to dance. You guess which is which...

Last year we seem to always use the karate chop cake photo lighting setup so here are two classic chops and two new poses! I call them the "Let's Dig In." and "The Sweet Tooth."

When there is a photo booth, you know we can't resist. Although looking back at it, we probably should have. Yikes! I need to stop putting on all the wigs and Kaitlin needs to stop thinking she is in a karate tournament against the Cobra Kai dojo.

Sometimes ideas look good on paper only to get out of hand in real life. For the final part of this blog post we were asked if we wanted to use smoke flares to make some interesting photos. We are always up for anything! As we looked at the flares it also contained a firework that would shoot sparks. We set them up at the end of a dock and as you will see in the video clip, it got a little bit out of hand and you can see Kaitlin fly past our couple. Thanks to Megan Haggerty for the video clip. I also attached the final image we got despite the early exit from this shot!

Thanks to everyone that let us work with them in the year 2017 and we can't wait to see what 2018 brings!


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