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"I love you and I like you." Wedding

May 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Many little stories unfold during a wedding day, some sentimental, some romantic, and some funny. Photographs are often not enough to convey the complete story of what transpired, but they do offer flashes of memories that will remind those involved of what happened.

The first ring picture in this blog post is of Alysa's great great grandmother's ring (I can't remember exactly how many greats are in front of grandmother, but it was definitely more than one!) that has been passed down through the family. It is well over 100 years old!

Alysa and Brian exchanged cards and gifts before the day's events began. He shared that they both wrote in their cards, "I love you and I like you." It is a little romantic saying they both have and it is a testament to how well they know and care for one another.

Finally, the reception... the dance floor was filled with some of the funniest dances we have seen in a long time. There was zero downtime during the entire night. If anyone knows my sister Kaitlin, she fit right in with some of her own crazy dance moves.  We loved this wedding and hope you love the pictures we took!


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