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Superhero Wedding

May 22, 2017  •  1 Comment

Briana and Josh are an amazing couple that love dogs, superheroes and have a wonderful collection of friends and family.  For almost every wedding we have ever photographed, the groom takes his time getting ready and tries to wait until the last possible minute to put everything on. Not Josh! He was suited up and looking great FIVE HOURS BEFORE THE CEREMONY! I don’t even think The Flash was that fast! No sooner did Josh have his tux on, complete with The Flash sunglasses and Flash undershirt, was it off, and back on the hanger. Josh quickly realized that suits can be a little warm, and he had time for a little fishing before the ceremony started. As for Briana, she was friendly, funny, and energetic. When taking pictures of someone, we try to make them at ease and hope for some natural laughter and smiles. Some people are harder to get these photographs from, and others, like Briana, could have a camera shooting them continuously because they are always beaming. You guys make a great superhero team! Thanks for picking us to capture your day! Enjoy the images!


Debbie Anderson(non-registered)
Very beautiful pictures,,thank you
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