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Print your pictures!

February 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have no data to back this up, but I do believe that we take more pictures now then ever in our history. I think most of us are guilty of only having our photos on our phones, cameras, Facebook, and Instagram. There is something special about having a physical print in your hand, or walking through your home and taking a moment to remember a person or event by glancing at a photograph. 

6" x 9" Matted and framed prints for 54.00 each by mpix.com.

There are now tons of great places to get your photos printed on all sorts of media. We mainly use only a couple sites because they have been really reliable and the print quality has been great.

Accordion print by mix.com for 20.00.

24" x 36" Canvas Gallery Wraps for 127.50 each by mpix.com. (Price was during a promotion.)
Calendar was printed by mpix.com for 20.00

Baby announcements printed by tinyprints.com  for around 2.00 each Seventy-two page books were printed by photobookpress.com for 215.00 each.

Many of these purchases are a bit on the steep side, but when I look at it, I want something that will last for at least my lifetime and maybe my kids' lifetime too. In the future, I can see my children sitting down and leafing through one of these books I made or maybe will have one of these pictures hanging in their house.


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