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What camera should I buy?

January 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

What camera should I buy?

This is probably the most frequently asked question to us as photographers, and it has two answers, according to us at Korver Photography.

The simple and best answer is… your phone. Some of my favorite pictures are ones taken with my phone because it is usually with me at all times and is super simple to use. As with any tool, the way you use it will determine the quality of the final product. If your picture taking needs work, a more expensive camera is going to do little to fix that problem. I would recommend perfecting your cellphone photography before you move onto a better system. The shortcomings I have found with cellphone photography are sports, low light situations and overall fit and finish. 

(Picture of my wife and daughter taken with an iPhone6)

My next suggestion for a camera that steps up your game would be a basic DSLR body and a 50mm 1.4 or equivalent lens. This setup will allow you to shoot in low light, without a flash, and blur your background. I wouldn’t get a camera with a kit lens. Kit lenses are generally terrible and not worth owning. 

(Picture taken of my daughter with a 50mm lens)

If you are into photographing sports, the next lens to get would be an 85mm 1.8 or equivalent. This lens will work well for indoor events, and while it won’t be amazing for outdoor sports, it will get the job done.

(Picture taken with 85mm lens. Note the image is not blurry and no flash was used)

As your camera bag fills up with lenses, you can start to look for another camera body that better fits your needs.  You shouldn’t worry about your lenses becoming outdated because I have a lens that is well over 10 years old and still works great!



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